Monday, May 16, 2011

Happiness in a frosty bowl

Have you ever noticed how ice-cream makes people happy?

The only time I have ever seen ice-cream make people sad is if it is:
1) bad ice-cream;
2) something they are allergic to.

It's a pity you can't solve the world's problems with ice-cream!

But I can solve yours in making a super simple version of it because for this recipe you do not need:
1) an ice-cream maker;
2) eggs;
3) more than two ingredients.

And thanks to blessed, anti-ice-crystal forming cream; there's also zero need for mixing once this hits the inside of your freezer.

Is there anything NOT easy about this recipe, you ask?
Well, have to try to get yourself to stop eating it!

  • 1 tin (360g) NestlĂ© Caramel Treat (or Dulce de Leche)
  • 500ml Whipping Cream
  1. Whisk the cream to stiff peak stage.
  2. Fold in the caramel/dulce de leche.
  3. Ladel into small ramekins.
  4. Freeze for a few hours.
  5. Take out of the freezer about 10 - 15 minutes before you serve it.
  6. This recipe makes the equivalent of 8 scoops of ice-cream (8 small ramekins full).
  7. You can also freeze it in an ice-cream tub, and scoop it liberally.
  8. Serve with chocolate chips or something else yummy sprinkled on top.
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    The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee by Sarah Silverman (Kindle Edition)

    I think I missed the point of this book.
    Wait...was there a point to this book?
    Where did the courage and redemption come into it?
    Sure, there was a lot of pee (that part of the title was accurate).
    Also, a lot of sex obsession, balls and bemoaning.
    I don't think I liked this book.
    But I didn't stop reading it till it was finished.

    *Meep* for the day:
    OMG, has anyone watched "Moonlight"? A vampire P.I. Seriously?!?!?