Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jou ma se New Moon

Hubbs, friends and I ended up watching New Moon last weekend, and I've gotta say, I was surprised that they managed to pull off a very good bastardization of the book.

Now, at the risk of being lynch mobbed via comments because of my comment by some random googling New Moon fans who end up at my site, you'll know exactly what I mean if you've read all the books. As in, it seemed like a tough book to adapt because so much of it focused on Bella's afternoon visits to the reservation.

However, what I loved most about the movie was the audience.
About 80% were adults (so you may just see jou ma there), which was not the originally intended demographic. That speaks volumes about the transcendency of some adapted books and the hype surrounding them.
The remaining 20% were teenage girls, and it made for many giggles to hear them ooohing and aaahing and gasping (yes, a literal gasp when Jacob appeared shirtless) during the evening.

A couple of things, in my opinion, which were a bit OTT: The vamp make-up was waaaaayy too caked on in New Moon, and their eyes were much brighter yellow compared to Twilight. Notice the redness of Victoria's hair also became much more intense? I guess I like a bit more continuity in "sagas".

All in all, it was really enjoyable though. And I'll leave you with my favourite line by Harry Clearwater: "Don't worry Bella. My kung-fu is strong." :-)