Monday, July 26, 2010

A "Jane" by (m)any other name(s)...

My top ten list-a-Janes...
  1. Admiral Kathryn Janeway (former Captain of the Starfleet starship, USS Voyager);
  2. Patrick Jane (consultant to the CBI in The Mentalist);
  3. Fun with Dick and Jane (movie with Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni);
  4. Jane Austen (English novelist);
  5. Jane Eyre (novel by Charlotte Bronte which took me WAY too long to read in first year varsity English lit);
  6. Jane Goodall (chimpanzee researcher);
  7. Sweet Jane (my fave cover by the Cowboy Junkies);
  8. Jane Lynch (wicked funny comedian currently on show in Glee);
  9. Jane Fonda (Barbarella 4-eva-eva);
  10. Jane Seymour (the oh so chaste Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, who has apparently found her wilder movie side as she's aging).