Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Then bring me my boots!"

I have an addiction for pretty Wellington boots.

I think somewhere in my psyche I harbour grand dreams of owning some sprawling manor house, with acres worth of fields on my doorstep that require stomping through with the requisite footwear.


* dreamy sigh *

 In the meantime, these lovelies are content to keep my tootsies warmly bundled in woollen socks as I tramp about my Winter garden, gingerly splashing water about.

Yes, Winter. 

While the rest of the Northern hemisphere bloggers wax lyrical about the bounties of Spring appearing outside their windows and in their kitchens, we South Africans (and others here on Mother Earth's Southern nether regions) brace ourselves for the claws of cold which are spookily wrapping themselves around early mornings and late afternoons.

So I cheer myself by thinking of my gum boots. My wellies. The foot attire which allows me to "Keep Calm and Carry On" as I trundle through this coming cool season.

For as the Irish proverb goes:
"“The man with the boots does not mind where he places his foot.”

My bucket boot list: