Thursday, August 19, 2010

Falafel to you too!

In my pre-coeliac diagnosis varsity days, one of my (now) hubby's and mine's fave (read: tasty and affordable) dates was chowing down on massive, hand-held falafels from a franchise here in SA called Anat's Falafel & Shwarma.

Since that's no longer an option, I was crazy-mad delighted to come across Orgran's Falafel Mix, which is not only gluten-free but corn-free too. I practically skipped home (well, in my heart anyway since I was driving) with joy, knowing that there was a tub of Woolies hummus sitting in our fridge - and we all know hummus goes together with falafel balls like bread to butter, right?

So, the magic falafel powder gets mixed with water.

Then I ignored the instructions on the box about 2cm of oil, and instead used a drizzle of olive oil on my non-stick pan (yes, there's that pan again); forming the falafel mix into approximations of patties. These took max. 2 mins on
each side (so almost instant gratification).

Rice cakes were liberally schmeered with hummus and
cucumber slices, before being topped by
falafel patties for my hubby.

And pour moi, funny sausage-shaped falafels using
lettuce leaves as wraps.

I don't often feature pre-made gluten-free mixes on my blog, as I'm a do-it-from-scratch-when-baking/making kinda gal, but this one really is worth trying to get your hands on!