Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interesting dairy products

I am not generally a fan of dairy, or rather, dairy is not a fan of mine. However, as the years tick by on a strict gluten-free eating plan, my intestines have begun to welcome a select few dairy items without distress.

Enter my new favourite: Goat's milk kefir.

This unique and tasty gem is brought to us by Mooiland (South Africa), and is available from a few Super Spar outlets for R12.95.

For the benefits of kefir versus yoghurt, see

Now, onto my hubby's favourite bovine product: Bulgarian yoghurt.

Mention yoghurt and my DH's eyes light up with childhood tales of giant buckets of milk bought fresh from Irene Dairy by his Bulgarian father; cultured to make homemade yoghurt; and mixed with olive oil, garlic and cucumber (no less). Thus, I like to keep my eyes pealed for different incarnations of this breed of yoghurt.

And voila! This cutesy presented itself to me the other day in a charming little terracotta pot from Mr Yoghurt (South Africa), also available from select Super Spar stores for R16.95.

For a tasty gluten-free treat: slice in some bananas, stir in some honey and sprinkle over some almond nibs.