Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Interesting dairy products

I am not generally a fan of dairy, or rather, dairy is not a fan of mine. However, as the years tick by on a strict gluten-free eating plan, my intestines have begun to welcome a select few dairy items without distress.

Enter my new favourite: Goat's milk kefir.

This unique and tasty gem is brought to us by Mooiland (South Africa), and is available from a few Super Spar outlets for R12.95.

For the benefits of kefir versus yoghurt, see

Now, onto my hubby's favourite bovine product: Bulgarian yoghurt.

Mention yoghurt and my DH's eyes light up with childhood tales of giant buckets of milk bought fresh from Irene Dairy by his Bulgarian father; cultured to make homemade yoghurt; and mixed with olive oil, garlic and cucumber (no less). Thus, I like to keep my eyes pealed for different incarnations of this breed of yoghurt.

And voila! This cutesy presented itself to me the other day in a charming little terracotta pot from Mr Yoghurt (South Africa), also available from select Super Spar stores for R16.95.

For a tasty gluten-free treat: slice in some bananas, stir in some honey and sprinkle over some almond nibs.



Naomi Devlin said...

We love kefir too. I keep meaning to get some grains and do my own, but in the meantime when we find goat's milk kefir, we like to shake it up with honey and vanilla or a dash of cinnamon and slurp it down. The banana mix sounds just like my breakfast - so decadent!

x x x

Juanita said...

Hi Naomi.

Thank you for commenting.

Making one's own kefir sounds like such an interesting project. I love how it becomes self-sustaining in terms of its re-usability.

Alas, neither the grains nor plain goat's milk are freely available here in South Africa, and I just can't tolerate cow's milk very well at all unfortunately :-/

I've never tried flavouring the kefir with anything but I LOVE cinnamon and honey, and will defo try that combo next time! Thanks for the good idea :-)

Unknown said...

Where can one buy that very brand of kefir today? I need it urgently for a friend that is ill...

Juanita said...

I buy Mooiland Kefir in Pretoria from the Monument Park Super Spar.

For further stockists, contact:

Contact Person: Hennie Loubser
Phone: 056 777 2253
Cell: 084 755 4217