Monday, September 21, 2009

Moonish Superstitionliness :-)

While visiting my parents this evening, my grandfather (who is convalescing at their home after his stroke) mentioned that we should turn over some money in our pockets because it is a new moon. My husband has a special penchant for idioms so I thought I'd look it up for him.

As it turns out, it isn't an idiom but rather a superstition. As quoted in an article called Superstitions and the Moon - Myths and Superstitions Linked with the Moon by Carole Anne Somerville:

"Anyone seeking good fortune should bow to the new moon and turn over any silver coins in his pocket. The silver colour of the Moon is rumoured to have a direct affinity with the silver from which the coins were made. So if a person holds up a coin to a new moon and wishes for money, over the days ahead as the moon 'increases' in size, so too will their bank balance!

Being without money when seeing a new moon is thought to be unlucky but if a person has some coins and turns them over without taking them out of their pocket, they will have plenty money over the month ahead and the wish that's made while turning the coins will be fulfilled."

Cheers to that :-)