Thursday, December 03, 2009

Travel Diary: Hout Bay, Cape Town (at sunset)

Walking on the beach at Hout Bay during sunset is great for a couple of romanticised reasons:
  1. holding your loved one's hand and chatting (thanks bu *kiss);
  2. enjoying the view of the sun setting over the mountains (see pics);
  3. the lighthouse beam from Kommetjie;
  4. the fishing boats coming back into the harbour; and
  5. the vast array of trotting, barking, playing dogs (as below) that see the beach as their personal playground which I, personally, find amusing to watch (obvious downside - owners that don't pick up their doggy's doo-doo leads to eewww).
Sometimes, one is lucky enough to catch some insight into other people's lives too. On just one random day we witnessed:
  1. a wedding party taking pictures on the beach;
  2. two sets of religious groups holding baptisms in the harbour waters; and
  3. a wedding couple heading to the pier for pictures.
All in a good day's beach walk :-)

So feast your eyes on...
...the sunset (numero uno)...
...the sunset again(numero duo)...
...a little scruffy-do :-)