Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crowded House SA Tour 2010

Of late, my life has been filled with many things Oz and Kiwi; starting with an epic 17-day trip to Australia and New Zealand at the end of September/beginning of October 2010 to visit my husband's family, middling with the finding of the oh-so-funky musings of The Life of Miss Elly over at; and finishing (perhaps?) with last night's concert of the ever FABULOUS Crowded House right here in South Africa!

It was the band's second visit to SA, the last being fifteen years ago when I was fourteen and had NO idea who Crowded House were. The band did the wise thing, and treated us to all their old crowd pleasing classics (mixed in with some new stuff from their 2010
Intriguer album): Something so strong; Weather with you; Four seasons in one day; Private universe AND (most importantly) my hubby and my's "OUR" song, Don't dream it's over!

To sum it up, they were brilliant, and my stomach gets butterflies just thinking of the fact that I saw them live! It was totally sweet as :-)

P.S. Here's a fun, capturing-the-moment, live sound clip (of my fave CH song) from last night's concert taken on my Nokia E71. As you'll hear, the crowd was really into singing along...

P.P.S. South Africa's Farryl Purkiss opened the show - a great pick as his chilled style was a nice compliment to CH's sound. Sad to say but his live performance didn't quite do justice to his talent (instrumental, yes but vocal, not so much). No worries though, because here's the music vid for his cool song A million grains of sand.