Monday, August 22, 2011

7 is the # between 6 & 8

SEVEN is also:

1 - Beautiful

Grapetizer Layer Cake - a freaky but fantastic gluten-free recipe based on Joyti of Darjeeling Dreams Blackberry + Champagne Layer Cake, made just after I got a shiny new camera to play with.

2 - Popular

Gluten-Free, Egg-Free Chocolate Cake - a collaborative effort between my Mom and me, which garnered my first website feedback of someone who actually baked it and got back to me. Yay! :-)

3 - Controversial

Chickpea Brownies - a chance find entirely made up (necessitated by what I had left in my kitchen when a chocolate craving struck.) It didn't get many comment but, to this day, still manages to top my Google Analytics charts with the most amount of views ever.

4 - Helpful

Buttermilk Rusks - a South African classic updated for an allergy-prone world. I have received the most appreciative e-mails from South Africans and ex-pats around the world seeking some homemade comfort and nostalgia. I *heart* it! :-)

5 - Successful (with an added dash of "Surprise!")

Nonna's Rustic Apple Cake - I was tripping down memory lane when I wrote this post, and I think readers identified with the family element. I've also noticed that  people really want egg-free cake recipes that actually work reliably. This is one of those.

6 - Underrated

Gluten/Egg/Corn/Nut-Free Pizza Bases - this is one of those recipes I wish I could make for EVEYRONE so that they could be addicted to wanting to make it themselves :-) But I totally understand that if one could buy a ready-made pizza base, one would. So it's all good.

7 - Proud of...

Chocolate Pots - the writing muse was with me when I churned out this one. Really. The planets aligned.

  1. Stacey of bakercourt
  2. Lynn of Gimme Gluten Free
  3. Marisa of The Creative Pot 
  4. Natalie of The Wooden Spoon Blog
  5. Kim Bee of Cravings of a Lunatic
..."'re it!"

Play with if you feel like it :-)


Marisa said...

Thanks for the tag - I've seen these posts doing the rounds on the blogs and think they're pretty cool. Also, those chocolate pots look fan-freakin-tastic!

Jocie's Mom said...

I always dig the 'underrated ones.' That pizza looks ace!

Ryan said...

Oh, I loved your post! What a great idea to tie in all of the 7's! :) I must try your grapetizer cake-- it looks delicious and so do the chocolate pots! I'm really loving these posts to see everyone's choices and am going to read your post on Rusks now-- a dessert I'm unfamiliar with-- they look wonderful!

natalie said...

Thanks for the shout-out, and I will definitely get mine up this week.

Meanwhile, so happy to see your wrap-up; I still love the chocolate pots post--one of my favorite posts on any blog. :)

Lazaro Cooks said...

Agree with the underrated. The pizza looks awesome and in theme with my last post. I wish you could make me one.


Kitchen Simmer said...

I know it's a lot of work to think and write this kind of post. But I must say I am always thrilled to read them because I learn so much. I enjoyed this very much. Have a great weekend. : )

Christine's Pantry said...

It all looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.