Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, it finally happened.
Today, I turned thirty.
The big three-oh.

At the last 5 minutes to midnight of my 29th year, I quite suddenly burst into tears about the fact that I would never again in my life be able to say that I was in my twenties.
Simeon hugged me and let me cry.
And then just as suddenly as the moment came, it passed (a very mini thrisis), as I realised three things:
1) I was ready to leave behind all the things that were crap about my twenties.
2) I was ready to carry with me all the things that were awesome about my twenties.
3) I was ready to rock into my thirties.

My aunt (who is turning 60 this year) also helped put it into perspective the other day at my party when she asked me what I'd like to achieve in my thirtieth year.
I told her I'd get back to her on that.
She laughed and said: "Oh, I'm almost twice your age! If only to be thirty again! The thirties were fantastic. You know so much better who you are. It's great."
I told her I'd hold her to that!

So, since thirty starts with three, I thought I'd tell you about three epic presents I received:

1) My husband surprised me by having my piano (which was still at my parents' house) transported to an antique piano restoration workshop for a full overhaul and tuning, after which it will find its way to our home, where I can once again tinkle those ivories (much to my delight and great excitement)!

2) My mom made me a beautiful memory quilt, sewn with photos from my childhood up to thirty printed onto fabric, while my dad accompanied this with his own beautifully recorded rendition of the Cat Stevens song: Into White. So special!

3) My brother and his wife made me a printed and bound book of photos, starting from my parents as children, spanning my childhood/teens/varsity year, marriage and leading up to the picture you see above, taken on Sunday at my 30th birthday party. Amazing!

Since the theme for my party was simply...have fun...I have decided that I will carry that in my heart as my motto for my thirties (and beyond).

Besides, the point of fun is to HAVE IT!
So let's :-)


Marisa said...

Happy birthday! I'll be joining you in the dirty thirties next year - I also hear it's awesome.

Linda Harding said...

Happy, happy, HAPPY birthday Juanita! I hope you had a magical day and, by the sounds of those wonderful gifts, you definitely did. May your thirtieth year be your best ever! x

Juanita said...

Thanks Linda!

Taste of Beirut said...

You are only thirty and you have a loving husband and family; I would say you are blessed, girl!

Juanita said...

Hi Joumana. Indeed, I am blessed! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday. My birthday is today.

Juanita said...

Happy Birthday, sleepinghorse! Many happy returns and wishes for excellent gluten-free birthday cake!