Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Listed at 2009 prices...

Before 2009 goes scurrying away and I'm left waving at it through the rear-view mirror, I wanted to take the time to recall some of the things I've enjoyed this year. So here's my abridged and slightly arb Best-of-List for the year 2009:

Most rocking movie:
Star Trek

Most suprising music find:

Coolest live concerts:
Joseph Clark @ The Performer
Johnny Clegg @ Kirstenbosch

Most enjoyable books read:
The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

Best restaurant find:
Little Durban

The delish-est meal:
A masala dosa @ Chai's Place, Stall 39, Bryanston Organic Market

Yummiest chocolate eaten:
Lindt dark hazelnut

Most successful gluten-free baking mission:
Fruit mince pie

Nicest travel memories:
Eating gluten-free cheesecake at Hillcrest Berry Orchards while staring out at the mountains in the Winter sunshine with my husband
Sharing a Summer picnic concert with my hubby and my parents at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Easiest rental car driven:
Chevy Aveo

Funny mid-class bio-student one-liners:
"Ek het a krapping in my verheemelte." (A.F.)
"I'm so pale the moths fly into me." (R.S.)

Applaudable badly-disguised insult:
I sent my in-laws an e-mail containing the following quote:
Desmond Tutu said: "You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them."

My father-in-law (who doesn't like me for no apparent reason) sent me this:
"This Tutu-quote you provide, deserves it to become fashionable and I am also going to use it – at least the first part."


One of my fave compliments from my favourite person:
"Hey Babe, if we were elements, you would be awesonium." (Quoted from somewhere by my Hubster)

Most loved blog:
The Incredibly True Adventures Of Buster (R.I.P. little B)

Most "Ha!" pic found:


Juanita said...

ugh twilight & STAR TREK?????
Now that is a nono.. hehe

Juanita said...

Sci-fi people versus non-sci-fi people are like dog people versus cat people :-)

You know, maybe THAT'S why my father-in-law doesn't like me! Lol :-P

Iris said...

I agree with Star Trek and Twilight! Loved both! (Liked the Twilight books better than the movie though). And ouch...that is quite a comment from your father in law.