Monday, December 07, 2009

Johnny Clegg, quite simply, rocks!

I have always wanted to see Johnny Clegg live in concert, and one couldn't ask for a better setting than the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in Cape Town. So I convinced hubby we absolutely had to arrange an entire holiday around the Johnny concert on 22 November.

We were eventually so blabbingly excited about seeing him live, that my parents got in on the action and flew down to Cape Town to see Johnny too - now that's dedication to music for you :-)

His show was, honestly, one of the most fantastic live shows I have ever been to. He had the crowds eating out the palm of his hand with just the right blend of old vs. new songs, background stories and jokes. It was awesome.

Johnny - RESPECT!


Monty said...

Looked pretty awesome Juanita. Certainly wish I was there. /me is suitable jealous

Juanita said...

I would highly recommend seeing one of his shows live - here, there, or anywhere! He's fab :-)