Friday, November 06, 2009

Pissed-off on pause

Perchance to vent....

A colleague closed the large school gate on my car the other day, scratching its pristine exterior. My little, well-kept car which has ALREADY been reversed into this year by some drunk idiot (who was, by the way, inhebriated on a Saturday morning at 08:30) whose insurance hasn't paid the R2400 excess on a R5000 damage claim.

Now, being the generally gracious person that I am, I was willing to let it slide with just a: "Ah well, what can you do?" BECAUSE he is older and "retired" (read: on pension) UNTIL, ironically, I heard his apology, which went something like: "I'm sorry about your car. I coudn't sleep thinking about it. But actually, it wasn't my fault. I kept pressing the button."

Sure, keep pressing the button on a gate which is: Press once to open, press once to close.

Now, if you're going to apologise, then please be sincere about it or just shut up. Don't blame it on gate malfunction when it is clearly your fault.

And, to make matters worse, he has turned into some chemistry lab nazi (projection due to his guilt?), chucking all, to quote, "Your Biology stuff" out "his" cupboards. Which I'm supposed to put where?

Physics, chemistry and biology share one lab. One. With one, count it, ONE set of equipment to go around between all of us. His tirade went on and on for a very uncomfortable forty-five minutes during which I sat in stunned silence while I just tried to clean up the mess from yesterday's Biology prac.

Good lord, I thought girls were supposed to get PMS, not 72 year old men. But I can understand now why he is on wife number three. Who would put up with his shit?

I felt like shouting (as Cartman from South Park would say): "Screw you guys. I'm going home!"


Hoe maak jy 'n stukkende wereld heel? Jy toor als reg met die Paljas.

Well, someone needs to "sit die Paljas" on his ass STAT!


apple drop said...

hahaha oh my goodness.. if i wana say it as a middle-age crisis thing, he's waaaaaay over the middle part lol

'god made relatives, thank god we can choose our friends'

Juanita said...

Hi Farhana.

Thank you so much...your comment made me laugh which is JUST what I needed on that day :-)

And I totally agree with your quote! I wish it were true for work colleagues too :-D