Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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I've been watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage to the Core, in which Hugh "wants to sow the seeds of change and revolutionise the way [people] use fruit in Britain." He reckons that Brits have a fairly solitary view on the use of fruits, and wants to shake things up a bit. 

Watching these episodes has got me to thinking how my own tastebuds have changed of late, and in the past few months (especially in this hot Summery weather), I find myself craving fruit and savoury pairings.

A slice of Italian smoked provolone cheese on a bed of peppery wild rocket with slices of juicy, tangy nectarines.

Roast chicken with sweet, fresh mango pieces.

Salads with salty feta cheese, radishes, bell peppers and golden delicious apples.

I do so love a good apple. 

Sadly, apples are a Winter fruit, and are a little past their freshest and crispiest best at the moment. However, they are still available to buy and are still fantastic for cooking with!

Favouring the sweet and salty, I prepared this recipe based on what I was craving for lunch.

Apple-licious sautéed Onions with 
wilted Baby Spinach on
Basmati Rice, served with
fresh Radish slices and
home made Yoghurt

Steps to follow:

Step 1: Pick your cooking apple of choice. For savoury dishes, I prefer Granny Smith apples, as their tart acidity and subtle sweetness holds up admirably against stronger savoury flavours such as cooked onions.
Step 2: Sauté three small onions and one large Granny Smith apple, chopped, on medium heat in some fruity olive oil until the onions are soft and transparent. Sprinkle lightly with salt and set aside to cool.
Step 3: Wilt some baby spinach in a pan (with a lid) over high heat. Season with a little salt and set aside to cool.
Step 4a: Simmer some Basmati rice with some coarse sea salt and a fresh bay leaf until ready (follow the instructions on the packet as cooking times vary according to brand).
Step 4b: Dish up some Basmati rice in an individual serving bowl.
Step 5: Add some wilted baby spinach leaves.
Step 6: Spoon on some sautéed Granny Smith apple and onions.
Step 7: Garnish with a few thin slices of fresh radish.
Step 8a: Serve with some fresh plain yoghurt (buy your favourite or try making it at home - it's a manageable and rewarding experience)...
Step 8b: ...and a sprinkle of black pepper.
* All fresh produce used in my recipe courtesy of Spar's Freshline range of produce, and all ingredients were bought with a two-hundred rand (R200-) voucher kindly provided by Spar.

Voucher giveaway:

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Good luck! 

Update: And the winner is...

Congratulations to commenter Yoga ist Toll on winning the Spar voucher. I'll be in touch to organise your prize getting to you.


Dhesh said...

me too :-)

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I enjoy cooked apples - granny smiths are a favorite