Sunday, March 24, 2013

Art & All Things Wes Anderson

Being fans of all things Wes Anderson, we recently went to an art exhibit at the Pretoria Arts Association by a local artist, Wayne Vivier. The exhibit was called: "Out of the life aquatic with Steve Zissou".

The artist painted a beautiful version of the Belafonte, which can be seen at Wayne Vivier's site.

An article on Tilda Swinton (of "Moonrise Kingdom") putting herself on display as living art at the New York Museum of Modern Art piqued my interest.

Full article and more pics at Daily Mail.

Here follows my favourite song from "Moonrise Kingdom": Benjamin Britten's "Cuckoo!". It is hauntingly beautiful. It was recently used to excellent effect in an episode of "Bunheads", choreographed as a gorgeous solo for Jeanine Mason.

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oomph. said...

i've only seen movies and shows with living art, but i bet it would be cool to see in person.

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