Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Epic Pigeon Holes

Don't you just love a good bargain?

There was a silent auction recently at Simeon's workplace where we managed to nab an AWESOME piece of (2nd-/3rd-/4th-/?-hand) solid wood furniture for a REALLY EXCELLENT price which has been PURRRFECT for organising my craft room (or our so-called "pottering room") into its neat 50-pigeon-holed glory!

Here are the BEFORE and AFTER shots:

I just *HEART* functional spaces so much (and being able to find little fiddly things quickly too!)

As the AFRIKAANS saying goes:
'n Plek vir alles en alles op sy plek!
(A place for everything and everything on its place!)


Lynn said...

Wow, what a gorgeous piece of furniture! And so wonderfully useful, too! LOVE IT!

Kitchen Simmer said...

What a fantastic and useful piece of furniture. I could use something like that for all my plates and dishes I use for blogging. It looks really good... congratulations on a great find. :)

Juanita said...

Hi Lynn :)

I must say, I gaze quite admiringly (I had to stop myself from writing adoringly) at it at least twice a day...hehe (I'm not even kidding!)

Juanita said...

Hi Ramona!

Thank you :)

That's what I love about a piece of furniture like this - it allows you to use it for whatever your "thing" is. So for me, I immediately saw it holding all my stationery and sewing materials. For you, your lovely blogging dishes! It's got that certain je ne sais quoi quality to it....oui!

oomph. said...

i LOVE this, juanita! i would love to have something like this for all of my "stuff"!!