Tuesday, April 05, 2011

10 Totally Arb Things 2 Be Gr8ful 4...

Today's list from a "3650 things to be happy about" calendar:
Clickety click the red ones for pics...
  1. a loft above a store
  2. crisp dollar bills and shiny coins
  3. haciendas
  4. monks' robes
  5. liking your coworkers (vid)
  6. an honest opinion
  7. reinventing yourself
  8. the immune system (recipe incl.)
  9. cookie dunking (recipe incl.)
  10. crazy socks peeking out

1 comment:

Joyti said...

It sounds pretty darn perfect! Cakey interior, chewy exterior...yum!
I haven't it, but I read that fine polenta can be substituted for semolina (maybe with a little cornstarch or rice flour for a bit of softness?). I don't know if it tastes the same, but I do like polenta/cornmeal for baking...