Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Travel Diary: Hermanus, Western Cape

Happy December everyone! I hope it is indeed a festive month which is sparkley and full-o'-fun :-)

Now, back to the travel-tales.

Herm-se-anus (as I like to call it) is about 90 minutes drive from Cape Town, and we were lucky to be there at the tale-end of the whale season (pun intended).

While the guest house wasn't that great, while still being on the pricey side (it was run by a European woman who talked like Edna from The Incredibles and oozed condescension out of every pore), there was a really cool little dachshund there called Max who made up for his owner's severe lack of gentility and charm.

Walking the cliff path into town is highly recommended, as is eating at the Ocean Basket during whale season. From our window table, we saw at least seven full leaps by a whale right out of the water, which was awesome!

Feast your eyes on...
...the view along the cliff path...
...the whale-tale fountain :-)

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