Saturday, December 19, 2009

Six days to Christmas...

"The great art of giving consists in this:
the gift should cost very little
and yet be greatly coveted,
so that it may be more highly appreciated."
~ Baltasar Gracian ~

Links of the day:
Have you ever considered giving a gift which blesses others
in the name of the person to whom the gift is intended
(especially if the person wants nothing in particular?)

If so (or if you are just feeling imbued
with the Christmas spirit of giving),
then here are some very worthy causes to donate to:

Reach For A Dream
FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals)
Meals on Wheels for the Aged
CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare)
Salvation Army
TEARS (The Emma Animal Rescue Society)
CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation)
HAWS (Hartebeespoort Animal Welfare Society)
CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa)
Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre
WMACA (Women and Men Against Child Abuse)
Eseltjierus Donkey Sanctuary

P.S. I would like to donate ZAR200
to one of the charities above.

Please nominate the charity you
would wish to receive the donation

by leaving a comment with the name of the charity
before Sunday at midnight PST (UTC -8h).
The charity receiving the most nominations
will receive the donation,

and a tie will be broken by random draw.

P.P.S. All animal societies listed are pro-life.


Simeon said...

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Great post!
We are blessed so that we can bless others...
There are certainly great organizations out there... My brother & I were involved in building a school in Cambodia through our church, truly better to give than to receive experience indeed. anyway, I'm intrigued by that Donkey Sanctuary

Juanita said...

Thank you, Simeon and Lenore, for each leaving a comment.

I think a two-way split is easiest, so I'll donate an equal amount to each :-)

Simeon -
I love you, bu!

Lenore -
Cambodia must have been a life-altering experience! Truly a monumental cultural departure for the norm.

The donkey sanctuary is awesome. When hubbs and I lived in Cape Town, we took a weekend trip to the little town of McGregor for the santuary's grand opening (and the town's annual apricot fesgtival!). The donkeys themselves are beautiful and well-cared for rescue animals.

Many of the poorer communities, especially in the Western Cape, still use donkeys as a mode of transport. Unfortunately, they don't always care for them properly. The sanctuary aims to remedy that.

If you or any of your friends would like to, you can sponsor a donkey's care for a year on their site :-)