Friday, November 13, 2009

When stuff's not easy

If there were ever a little person wearing a fur suit that I wish I could meet in the flesh, it would be this handsome little fellow. Alas, he lives on a continent far, far away.

Buster and his mom, Lisa, are going through a very tough time at the moment, and they've got a special place in my thoughts and prayers.

L and B, I want you both to know that if feel-better-keep-strong-hugs could be sent via the post, you'd both be receiving stacks of mail from me!

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LBk said...

Sniff. This was the first time I've teared up in the last few weeks that was in a good way. We had a tough weekend of long nights without much sleep, but I would say the last 24 hours or so have been much better. With the exception of a tinkle a certain someone just made in the corner. But as we like to say around here so little old men don't feel badly "No harm done". Thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers.