Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blog link love....

When I can understand its content (you'll see what I mean),
I love this blog.
Most importantly, I love the man who writes it :-)

The lastest post has a personal touch to it which saw
us on the balcony using lots of masking tape to fix
the damage, and to try and prevent some more of the same
to whatever was left of our internet connection!

"The Shredder"


Internet Home Alliance said...

I landed on this page by accident looking for something else, but I cannot pas without leaving you a comment on this dog. There is a mixture of what a nice dog and then you see the lip just a little curled and you wonder, maybe not but the eyes are scary. Anyway silly of me to leave a comment, just had to. I am sure this is a very nice dog and having a flash close to his face was not flattering.

Juanita said...

Thanks for stopping by erroneously and commenting anyway!

That's exactly it :-)

We were trying to capture the look of "pure evil" in this really sweet little guy's face by using a direct flash because he had been caught chewing through our internet cable (which was only saved because of the slight charge running through it which gave him a little buzz).

He curls his lip in a gesture of "please don't be cross with me" when he can sense we're not pleased with him, which can make him look agro.

If you're interested, the full story is at